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Process Improvement & Reengineering Solutions

Saving Your Company Time, Resources & Money,
Get More Done, Make More Money

We've been doing it this way forever. OPEX has heard these words ad nauseam. Let OPEX help show you how to challenge your current processes: make them better and save you time and money.

Just imagine if you could bill a customer 1 day earlier, how much extra cash would be in your bank account? How happy would a customer be receiving a product or service earlier? Are you asking the right questions? OPEX does.

When we conduct a process analysis we are confident we will understand the process very quickly. Here are some of our questions we'll ask:

  • How is one process conducted from start to finish? Be it an application, commission payable cheque, customer bill etc., a lot of information is sketched from the initial discussion and walk-through.

  • What is your true unit cost? That is, how much is it costing you today to perform this function?

    Would you believe that over 90% of corporations do not know what a process currently costs? Ouch! We’ll identify how much a process costs and see how we can save you money.

  • If your process is manual do you transpose information regularly? Do you know that every time you ‘touch’ a document, your error rate increases dramatically?

    Mitigate your risk – automate outdated functions. A financial institution was regularly spending hours reporting on banking machine statistics nationwide – automating the function created the required statistics in 5 minutes each month.

  • Are there proper audit controls in place? We cannot stress enough the importance of checks and balances. Do you have the appropriate checks and balances to ensure that data is continually checked and rechecked?

    OPEX assisted a long distance telephone reseller with its poor receivables. Incorrect file transfer methodologies created an environment that truncated much of the data – the data sent had a different record count than that received. We resolved the problem and helped restore cash flow in the tune of millions of dollars.

  • Do you outsource non-core functions? Always remember to focus on your core competency.

    Outsourcing non-core functions will create a stable unit-cost pricing structure and potentially decrease your unit cost. Remember, if you are in the sales and marketing business, why are you building a data entry department? Focus on your strengths and outsource the rest.

    We will help you choose the right companies to outsource to. OPEX helped a sales and marketing organization outsource all data entry functions. The next year, the company realized a $400,000 savings.

There are many benefits of conducting an analysis of the current processes within your business. Manual functions are prone to errors and are costly. Audit controls ensure the job is being done right with the appropriate balances. Automation saves time and typically staff. An annual process review cannot hurt an organization only help.

OPEX has reviewed and redesigned countless processes: Billing systems, Real-Time Third Party Verification, Application Processing Systems and more.

Our clients have saved time, money and resources with our assistance. Let us show you how.

Save Time, Money & Resources
By Re-Inventing Processes
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