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Data Management Solutions:
Intelligent, Easy to Manage, Secure

Turn Your Data into Profit

The world seems to be spinning faster and faster these days. More & more data, less & less time. Many companies find that as they grow, their antiquated solutions and old band-aid fixes are slowing them down and they can't keep track of all the information flowing in and out on a daily basis.

Poor data management not only slows things down, it breeds frustration, errors, and poor decision-making.

  • Can you and your staff locate any document you wish instantly and online from any computer within your organization? You could....

  • Does your Customer Service Department have the appropriate ‘Mission Control’ panel to locate customer information and answer all pertinent questions without multiple drill down menus? You can....

  • Can you quickly and easily gain knowledge and make effective decisions from your data? You will...

OPEX has assisted organizations with their data management on numerous occasions. We helped one call centre reduce its talk time from 12 minutes per customer to 3 minutes. Thousands of dollars were saved by the company. Employee productivity skyrocketed and the complement was reorganized as more calls were answered with fewer bodies.

For another client, we developed and implemented a way to 'image' all contracts and integrate them into the client's customer relationship management application so that any document was available at the click of a mouse. No more employees fighting over files and leaving the customer on hold or requiring a call back; all applications were ready for faxing or email immediately.

Higher Productivity = More Money

When more work is accomplished with less people and greater customer satisfaction, you're on the road to operational excellence.

  • Are your systems robust and organized? We can help design your system to best service your business.

  • How about removing paper all together? We've assisted a dental practice to go paperless: no more paper, charts or filing: a clean integrated office.

  • For those companies that must retain paper, where do you keep the files? If a fire happened tonight, would it destroy your business? Not if OPEX examined and optimized your data management. We would establish a process that would keep you and your organization safe from harms way.

Having OPEX optimize how your data and information is managed, stored and accessed leads to a faster, smoother, and more efficient company with higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Whether it's designing a ‘mission control’ panel for your office or creating systems to enhance productivity, we can assist you in saving time and money with your operation.

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