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Case Studies

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We're proud of the results we've achieve for our clients. The following are case studies that serve as a sample of the many business, process, performance & profit improvement projects we've worked on in the past.

Let us help you achieve these kind of results now.



Problem: Customer’s aggressive marketing agenda required that new territories be assimilated into the fold on a monthly basis. Each U.S. state had different rules governing performance within its region.

Solution: Devised a Question and Answer Methodology template to answer all relevant questions regarding conducting business within the territory. Face to face meetings were conducted to gather the vital information, passed to a project leader who organized the various components (production, I.T. Payroll, Marketing and Sales, & Procurement) and obtained sign off.

Template allowed for a cookie-cutter approach to marketing and thus allowing multiple sites to be opened on a monthly basis.

The Q & A document encouraged inter departmental cooperation and presented a ‘story’ of the territory that was to be engaged. The document was over 30 pages and had over 100 questions. Nothing was left to chance.

Results: Multiple site strategic management allowed the organization to assemble its team and commence marketing its product in advance of its competitors - within 4 weeks of the completed template.


Health Ministry

Situation: Health ministry required a feasibility study regarding a potential new product and render a recommendation.

Project: Within the 6 week deliverable time-frame the following was conducted: assessment of current environment and its effectiveness and associated costs, a vision of the future analysis with the implementation of the new product, implementation plan, systems (complete with mock-up design panels) requirements, call centre infrastructure (hardware/software components) and related associated costs. (comparative analysis in-house or outsourced).

Outcome: 100 page Strategic Plan including recommendations as to the viability of the effectiveness of the new product complete with recommendations. Currently being reviewed by the senior ministers.



Problem: Client had multiple locations and didn't know how to adequately roll out a software launch.

Solution: Analyzed the feasibility of a revised network strategy for long term efficiencies.

Results: Network revised, software upgrades et al implemented without cause or concern.



Problem: Client could not understand why their commissioned sales force attrition rate was exceedingly high.

Discovery: Commissioned agents livelihood depends on proper payroll. An audit of the payroll function indicated deficiencies, thus agents would leave for another job.

Solution: Revised the commissions payroll system.

Results: The attrition rate reduced dramatically from 10% monthly to 0.5% and production doubled.


Home Security

Problem: Client had an excess of sitting inventory and wanted to reduce inventory expense.

Discovery: Poor inventory procedures created inventory sitting in excess of 90 days.

Solution: Created procedures and Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory control.

Results: Reclaimed thousands of dollars in stale inventory. Returned product for immediate credit. Inventory sat less than 7 days in warehouse.



Problem: Client was expanding from 20 employees to 400 in a very short period of time and could not plan how they would achieve it.

Solution: Our team created a Facilities Document outlining the entire relocation methodology: IT, Production, Finance, Call Centre, HVAC.

Results: Within 60 days the entire organization was relocated with minimal disruption to business activities.


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