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We're proud of the results we've achieve for our clients. The following are case studies that serve as a sample of the many business, process, performance & profit improvement projects we've worked on in the past.

Let us help you achieve these kind of results now.



Problem: The State of California required that all Direct Sales be verified by a third party prior to being considered a valid sale.

Approach: Ignored the traditional Third-Party Verification Protocol (TVP) and opted for Real-Time Verification using the new BlackBerry (it was new at the time).

Solution: Agent at the door would enter basic customer data in a modified BlackBerry unit that had no other functionality, send the message and have a call centre in South Dakota contact the customer (in English or Spanish) within 5 minutes as opposed to the traditional 7-10 days.

Results: Leading edge technology allowed for a 98.6% successful verification rate as opposed to a industry standard (approximately 55.7). Agents could be monitored as per their verification success rate as well as the hours worked in a day. Estimated $45-Million in revenue recognized from this non-traditional real-time verification.


Home Security

Problem: A security company required optimum cash flow to run its business. Non-payment of customer accounts would be disastrous for the longevity of the business.

Solution: Devised a non-billing strategy for the company. If bills were not dispatched but substituted with a pre-authorized payment strategy only, there would never be aged receivables.

Results: Strategic Planning of non-billing corporate policy lead to customer’s paying, in advance, of its financial obligation (quarterly, semi-annually and annually). Delinquent accounts were just over 1.5% and the company enjoyed approximately $500,000 of cash flow per each of its 4 monthly billing cycles. Company garnered over 10,000 customers in its first year of operation and was sold for $8-Million Dollars.



Problem: Telecommunications firm had vast quantities of returned mail due to wrong address and required help identifying root cause.

Discovery: Back office analysis revealed that internal data entry staff had over 65% error rate (due to poor agent penmanship). Wrong addresses information created return mail backlog.

Solution: Outsourced all data entry functions to a professional vendor. Negotiations with client to remove data entry and Strategic Planning to shift corporate in-house data entry philosophy.

Results: Error rate dropped to 1.8%. Customers were then using the client’s service and usage increased dramatically. Recognized an annual $400,000 savings. Clean back office equated to a $12-Million Dollar sale.



Problem: 50,000 new sales per week created mail-room back log of welcome letters to new customers.

Discovery: Identified that the manual stuffing of welcome packages could not be maintained.

Solution: Strategic planning. Outsourced mail rendering to Xerox.

Results: Mail dispatched in a timely fashion (all 50,000 rendered weekly) in a variety of languages. Allowed company to focus on sales and not back-office routine functions.



Problem: Client felt that expenses and unit costs for his back office were exceedingly high.

Method: Conducted a thorough back office unit costing analysis to a) confirm current unit costs and b) recommend various restructuring to reduce expense overhead.

Solution: Restructured lease terms, and revised work-flow structures.

Results: The client enjoyed a 33% reduction in expenditures.


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