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Business Process Outsourcing Solutions:
Getting Things Done Faster, Better & Cheaper

You've probably heard the expression: "Do what you do best and outsource the rest." It's a cliché by now and has lost a lot of meaning to most people. Though most businesses are well aware of this philosophy, they don't practice it or if they have, they found it didn't work out as well as they'd hoped.

For starters, you need to focus on what you do best and where you add most value to your customer. Investing in other areas of your business and performing routine, non-core-competence functions is possibly wasting you a lot of time, energy and money.

OPEX has been a proponent of outsourcing for many years where it made $ense. In serving our clients, call centres have been outsourced locally and overseas, IT infrastructures (hardware, communications, help desks etc) have been outsourced to major hardware vendors or IT specialists, data entry has been outsourced to those organizations that specialize in key strokes and imaging and many more. All of them started off by asking the following questions.

Outsourcing Questions:

Why: It will save your organization time, energy & money to free you up to create more from your core business.

What: Any function that is not what your customer considers your main business. We'll help you decide what could be outsourced and show you the positive effects it will have on your business.

How: Years of experience have taught us the hard lessons to be learned in outsourcing as well as the good ones. We'll get it done for you.

Who: You'll choose between at least 3 vendors and pick one that makes sense not only financially but one that complements your business and adds the most value to your company.

When: Now!

In most cases, the benefits are almost immediate.

Here's a real case example to illustrate:

Over 10 years ago an organization contacted us to perform an analysis on its return mail. Thousands of pieces of returned mail had vast ramifications throughout the organization.

Customers didn't receive activation information and that had a direct impact on their service usage and that impacted revenues immensely.

Our analysis indicated that there was an error rate of over 90% on data entry. 20+ individuals could not keep up with the new applications and rushed the input of the data. Overtime was out of control. Customers were livid. Executives were unhappy that little system usage created poor revenues.

OPEX contacted 3 vendors and within 21 days the entire data entry operation was outsourced to an organization that specialized in data entry – not only would they key the application, another individual would rekey the data to verify the information.

All data entry was completed within 48 hours and data was transferred shortly thereafter for upload into the corporate application.

The benefits were immediate:

  • The data entry rate dropped from over 90% to under 1%,
  • Commissioned agent payroll could be executed 2 days earlier thus making all courier schedules without panic,
  • Customers received their welcome package and would use the service they subscribed to and
  • Executives were happy with the monthly revenues.

A short two day analysis
created over $10 million dollars in monthly revenues.

You can experience similar results
and we'd like to help you achieve them.

We Will Make Outsourcing
Easier & More Profitable for You.

Call us and we'll show you how.




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